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There are five branches of the WEOHT. Each branch works on their specific initiative to improve health care in Windsor-Essex. Branches do not work in silos; thus, they can support one another when applicable to ensure success and improved health care.

  • Steering Committee
  • Mobile Medical Support
  • Lower-Limb Preservation Strategy
  • Windsor-Essex Gets You Home
  • Shelter Health Network
WEOHT Structure 5B

Internal Team

The internal team ensures that the WEOHT pushes forward and is responsible for all backbone supports (e.g. document sharing, meetings, improvement projects, etc.). There are four internal team members:

  • Transformation Lead
  • Project Manager, Decision Support Lead
  • Health System Integrated Lead/Project Lead
  • Administrative & Communications Lead

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee includes representation from the chairs of each sector table, plus additional persons agreed upon by the committee. They are accountable for the implementation and outcomes for the year one population. Decision-making power rests with this group. They manage detailed planning and implementation activities necessary to oversee the work of the WEOHT. They are responsible for community engagement, identifying health care priorities, creating an appropriate set of working groups to establish and execute the overall work plan, and for establishing and overseeing a secretariat to support our work in improving healthcare in Windsor-Essex.

Partnership Council

The Partnership Council includes representation from all member organizations and the Patient, Family, and Caregiver Council, as well as other relevant stakeholders. The council is a key body for engaging and building consensus for direction of WEOHT strategy as well as sourcing of support for implementation through participation in working groups.

Advisory Groups

The two WEOHT Advisory Groups provide expertise and insight regarding WEOHT projects and workings.

Sector Tables

The six WEOHT Sector Tables represent specific sectors that work together to advance and improve the health care of people in Windsor-Essex through advice and consultation. The chair(s) of the table will also serve as the sector co-chairs on the Steering Committee.