WEOHT Trans Health Clinical Skill Development – Additional Education Opportunities

The Conference Planning Committee would like to extend their heartfelt appreciation to the attendees of the WEOHT Trans Health Clinical Skill Development Conference. Active participation and engagement have provided valuable insights and suggestions to help support the Windsor-Essex Trans Community. These contributions will be reviewed and considered as next steps in a regional plan, which will be submitted to the Windsor Essex Ontario Health Team for endorsement.

The WEOHTTransHealth Clinical Skill Development does not stop here. We have additional peer-to-peer educational presentations/knowledge transfers for primary care organizations/clinics, led by Centretown Community Health Centre’s Trans Health Clinic leads. Details and links to register can be found below to share with your team. *Please note that these presentations were not submitted for accreditation. 

For any questions, please reach out to myself or the WEOHT at weohtteam@weoht.ca.

Clinical Presentation (June 12th 9-11am) https://forms.office.com/r/yzgqaXEw9K   
Led by Dr. Hanssen, Lead Physician for Centretown Community Health Centre’s Trans Health Clinic
-To be able to provide an affirming medical experience for a Trans person.
-To be able to recognize gender incongruence and dysphoria.
-To be able to offer safe, informed feminizing medical transition.
-To be able to offer safe, informed masculinizing medical transition.
-To be able to offer safe, informed medical transition options to non-binary folks.

Community Service/Social Service Knowledge Transfer(June 13th 9-11am) https://forms.office.com/r/GEDvsEQwLK 
Peer-to-peer led by CCHC’s Brianna Holland, Social Worker
-Overview of gender inclusive terminology and pronouns
-Introduction to the issues and needs of Trans and non-binary patients
-Knowledge of the social determinants of health of Trans and non-binary patients
-Introduction to gender affirmative practices, including language, care and spaces
-Resource navigation for social supports and wrap-around care in the Champlain region

Administrative/Medical Reception(June 21st 1-2pm) https://forms.office.com/r/Ae7PMdjjXg 
Peer-to-peer, Led by CCHC’s Nefertina Lau, Operations Coordinaor in Primary Care
-Understand the role and flow that medical reception contributes to maintaining best practices/patient safety
-operationalizing gender affirmative practices with electronic medical records
-Knowledge of gender affirmative practices for in-person, phone & e-mail interactions
-Knowledge of gender affirmative practices for environment