Community Engagement Survey

Erie Shores HealthCare is conducting a community engagement survey to gather feedback from members of the hospital’s local community. The survey aims to understand how the community perceives the hospital, identify any areas for improvement, and help map out the future of Erie Shores HealthCare.

The survey includes questions about the community’s overall satisfaction with the hospital’s services, the accessibility and convenience of those services, and the quality of care provided. The survey will also ask for suggestions on how the hospital can better meet the community’s needs.

The survey will be conducted online and will take approximately 15 minutes. People who complete the survey will have an opportunity to enter a draw for a $50 Tim Horton’s Gift Card, provided by the Erie Shores Health Foundation. Responses will be confidential and used to inform the hospital’s efforts to serve the community.

Feel free to share the link and flyer on the next page with your team and those you support.