You can now Initiate an eConsult to the eConsult Service directly from your EMR via Ocean

Transform Shared Services Organization and our partners at Ontario Health and Ocean by CognisantMD are excited to announce a new integration which enables clinicians to send eConsults to the Ontario eConsult Service on the directly from their integrated EMR via Ocean.

The “Ontario eConsult Service” is now available on the OceanHealthmap allowing clinicians to initiate an eConsult using Ocean to submit through to the OTNhub.

This streamlined workflow allows clinicians to submit eConsults easily, quickly, and independently using the same efficient and reliable EMR integrated workflow they already use for sending Ocean eReferrals. This workflow will:

  • enhance patient safety and accuracy of information by enabling the seamless flow of patient information and attachments
  • save the clinician time and significantly reduce the overall transcription effort

Note: receiving your eConsult response from the specialist, and any additional correspondence, will still occur directly on the OTNhub web platform. Furthermore, delegates cannot send eConsults on behalf of a clinician using this integration.

“This [workflow] removes an enormous amount of friction by eliminating the need to enter a patient’s demographic information into a new referral form and brings us closer to a fully integrated product. Accessing eConsult and eReferral [through] Ocean has improved my process for interacting with specialists.”

– Dr. Daniel Pepe, Primary Care Clinician, London, ON

Get started today

Are you already using both the Ontario eConsult on the OTNhub and Ocean eReferral?

  • Get started today by following your existing eReferral workflow and searching for the “Ontario eConsult Service” in the Ocean Healthmap.
  • Watch our training videos or see our Step-by-Step Guide to learn how to submit an eConsult through Ocean

Using TELUS PS Suite and Ocean?

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