BANA: Be Yourself Magazine Now Available!

The latest issue of the BANA Be Yourself Magazine is now available! By now, we hope you have enjoyed some of the first 12 issues of our publication – a free, mental health and wellness magazine available online and in hard-copy.

What makes this publication so unique is that right alongside contributions from professionals are stories from community activists, cultural influencers, and most importantly those with real life experiences telling their story, in their words. Currently, our global reach includes readership in 52 countries – amazing for a magazine produced entirely in-house at a small, local non-for-profit organization.

Our fall issue (#13) is now available online through the link:

Topics in this edition include:

• Puppies and Growing Pains: Lessons I could use in the human areas of my life: By Jill Cardarette, BA, BWS, MSW, RSW, Balanced Life Wellness Centre

• ED Treatment in Windsor/Essex: Levels of Care (WRH, BANA, weCHC)

• Navigating the challenges of a new school year – A guide for Children and Parents:  By Cassandra Jocco, MSW, RSW, Solutions Counselling

• From Struggle to Purpose: My perseverance through OCD and Agoraphobia: By Danny Gautama

• Stepping into a more embodied sense of Self/Resisting Objectification: By Martha Munroe

• 10 Principals of Intuitive Eating with a Neurodivergent Twist: By Laura Ugwuoke, Jackie Silver Nutrition

• Taking Lucky #13 to Heart: By Patrick Kelly, BANA

• The Housing and Homelessness Crisis in Canada – Finding a Solution is Everyone‘s Business: By Joyce Zuk, Family Services Windsor Essex

• The Piper Twins –  Escaping the grip of addiction’s powerful grasp: By Jade Piper, MSW, RSW and Megan Piper-McAulay

• Extreme Hunger & Early Fullness – Challenges of Re-nourishment in ED Recovery: By Kia Peters, RD, BANA

• WEIOP Eating Disorders 101 Workshop: By Emily Bechard, weCHC

• Tips for Navigating Celebrations and Holidays with an ED (French and English): By Heather LeBlanc, MSW, RSW, BANA

If your organization is interested in writing a submission to the BANA Be Yourself Magazine or advertising opportunities, please contact us at 519-969-2112.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Executive Director, BANA